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Wasp nests 2012
Wasps - archived event 2012
Interactive film: You 2012
Meet Charles Darwin 2014
Investigate for Families 2015
Reconstructing Lost Worlds 2012
Hands on Nature 2015 - dinosaurs
Puppets 2012
Chocolate 2012
A close look at Eggs
Hydrothermal Vents 2012 and Hairy Crabs
Tadpoles 2012
The Imagination Station 2012
Screen printing
Digital art 2013
Family event (2013): Tours for fours and up!
Picnic at Trinity Laban 2012
Taster workshop 2012
Climate Changing - Cockroach tour 2012
Drama characters (2014): Push Harder, Mr Jones!
Drama characters (2012): Dr. Gripenerve
Drama characters (2014): Rosalind Franklin
Drama characters (2014): Jones the Bones
Science Show: Bubbles! Bubbles! Bubbles!
A Family in Wartime gallery
Marvellous Moths 2013
Life in the Twilight Zone 2012
David Attenborough: Life on Camera 2012
Hallelujah 2013 Easter Egg Hunt
Make it: Calligraphy 2012
Magic carpet Storytelling 2014
Mexican Children's Day 2013
Regal Regatta 2012and Jubilee Art Labs
Creative Space 2012
Drawing Stories 2012
Character Clowns 2012
Beautiful bunting
Super sashes
Portrait Medals 2012
Picture jigsaws 2012
Jump for victory 2012
Diamond Decades 2012
Strictly Jubilee Ballroom
Queen's Corgi 2012
Horses, hawks and hounds 2012
Exploring Space gallery tour 2013
Game design workshop (2012)
Homes of the Olympics 2012
Sporty galleries
Going the distance 2012
Diamond Jubilee Gift 2012
Remembering the coronation 2012
An Olympic game
Animal Olympics
From radio to YouTube 2012
Poster for the Olympics 2012
World tales 2012
Under 5's olympics 2012
Comic strips 2012
Story Dice
Under 5s storytime 2012
Pop-up story books 2012
London Forever 2012
Decorate your own pot 2012
Summer Fun Discovery Walk
Children's Craft Tent - half term fun! 2012
Tractor Rides 2012
British Red Cross get me out of here 2012
Children's trail 2012
Children's craft workshop 2012
Royal Jubilee picnic 2012
Herald of Spring 2013
ARCHIVED EVENT - Family Orienteering
Queen's Jubilee Forest Picnic 2012
Willow creatures 2012
Discover Sundays 2013
Family flotilla 2012
Kings and Queens 2012
Meet Joe Brown 2013
Meet Grace O'Malley 2014
Big Jubilee Lunch 2012
Foreshore Finds (2012)
Polyblock Prints 2012
Who put the Royal into Greenwich? 2013
Jubilation lunch party 2012
Jubilee Beacon Lighting and Firework display 2012
Olympic sports with the RAF (2012)
Canine Capers 2013
Royalty and Power in Ancient Egypt 2012
Little Draw 2014
Pick a Fight 2013
Family Jubilee activities 2012
Picture this 2012
Celebrating 1953 style (2012)
Sparkly crowns
Jubilee celebrations 2012
Home entertainment 2012: Dickens style
Jubilee Lunch 2012
Big Dance Picnic 2012
Bat Walk
BMW Art cars
Launchpad Science Shows 2014
Ganesha and other elephants 2014
Compute this! 2013
Drama Characters (2013) - Florie
All about Ice!
Sackler Story days
Money Talks 2013
Drama characters (2014) - Bob the Mechanic
Drama characters (2014) - Nancy the waterseller
Cockroach tour 2014
Drama characters 2014 - Issac Newton
Drama characters (2014) - Amy Johnson
Build the Truce 2012
Make do and mend 2012
children's craft activities 2014
Lego build sessions 2014
Tropical Rainforest Road Show 2014
Punch & Judy (2014)
Birds of Prey at Denbies 2014
Drawing Sunday 2015
U.Dance 2012 In Action
Science in action
Name that worm 2012
Hands 2012 on investigation
Animal vision
Best of British Insects
Secrets of spider dating
Spirit Collection Tours
Revealing what lies beneath 2012
Drama characters (2014)- Mary Anning
Prehistoric Human Behaviour 2012
Nature's Explorers 2013
Drama Characters (2013): Carl Linnaeus
Some worms bite
All about Gold
Big City Bug Hunt
All Squids great and small
Fastest Fish in the Sea (2012)
Winning Laurels 2012
The Giant Squid 2012
Big Bugs
Corpses to Collections 2012
Sea Monsters
All abuzz about wasp nests 2012
Eaten Alive 2014
Comparative Anatomy 2012
Kids activities at the Discovery Walk 2012
Tractor Rides
Sporting Summer trail
Wild child Week 2012
Falconry Day 2012
Float your boat (2012)
ARCHIVED EVENT - Den Building - Alice Holt Forest
Big Dance 2012 - Brazil Day
Mini-beasts and Clay critters 2012
Solar Sunday
Windmill Open Days 2014
Dr Seuss story in the forest 2012
Craft kids (2012): Raffia and String Baskets
pond dipping 2012
Forest Discovery Day (2012)
Fun with Fungus 2012
Lantern making 2012
Autumn Antics (Archived Event)
Halloween crafts 2012
Drawing - bodies in motion 2012
Storytelling for families
Royal Windsor Horse Show 2014
Free family wildlife club (2014)
Magical Music 2013: Aurora Orchestra Pop-up Concerts
Feathers and Wings 2013: Art making and Installation
Faces workshop 2014
Art workshop - medals
All the animals
Salv's workshop
Summer Bags
Wallpaper portraits 2012
Drop in art workshop 2015
Striking Gold Stories
Pet Zoetrope 2012
Animal postcards
Marvellous Masks 2012
Dress it up 2012
Jazzy Jigsaws 2012
Rear Window 2012
Family art workshop 2014
From the side (2012)
Mini Portraits 2012
Africa on the catwalk
Miryam Solomon 2012
Billy Bragg's Big Busk 2012
Flavours of India (2012)
Samba Ceilidh
The Beautiful Octopus Club 2012
Birds of prey at Painshill Park 2012
Storytelling events
Reptile awareness day 2012
Autumn colour
Stories from around the World
Sow and Grow
Art & Craft activities in the garden
Music making 2012
Birds of prey at Wisley 2012
Museum Mission 2013
Pond Dipping at the Horniman 2012
Samba con Salsa
Nature Trail Discovery (2014)
Discovery for all 2014
Mr Punch May Fayre 2013
Taonga Puoro demonstration 2012
Hands on Family Workshops 2013
Nature Explorers (2014) - Animals after Dark
Art Makers
Luminaries Woburnensis 2013
Play Day 2013: get out and play!
Nature Trail Trekkers 2012
Tales from the Horniman 2013
Lewisham Concert Band 2012
Mini-beast hunt 2012
Bird Spotting 2012
Tree Walk 2012
Pond dipping 2012
Camp Building Gatton Park 2014
Easter craft activities at Geffrye Museum 2014
Olympic dance workshop 2012
Let's Dance 2012
Treasure Hunt 2012
Crazy Golf 2012
Passport to the afterlife 2014
Create a comic 2015
Mega Mummy animation workshop 2012
Olympic champions 2015
Bird ringing 2012
Plants, Potions and poisons 2012
Crafts in the Clore 2012
Drama Box 2013
Mini Movies 2012
Drop in Design 2012
Pop-up Performances 2013
Make-it: Architecture 2012
Make it: Clay 2012
Make it: Upcycling 2012
Green screen time machine 2014
Shakespeare in the Summer
Manga Comic Workshop 2014
Museum Reporter 2014
Traditional Songs of the Thames 2012
The Big Egg Hunt 2013
Orienteering Fun! (2012)
Back to school baking
Closing Ceremony (2012) at the Geffrye Museum
Moving pictures & Terrific tea caddies 2012
Trail 2012: Adventures in Vauxhall Gardens
Gatton Open Days 2014
Swallows and Amazon Day
Hide and Seek Weekender 2012
Gatton Ghost Stories 2013
Shakespeare's London
Magical Mosaic Masks 2015
Halloween Fair 2013
Gatton Country Fair 2014
Easter Workshops (2013) at the Cartoon Museum
Family Fun Day 2014: Modern Alchemy
Bird Box building 2015
Make-it Film 2012
Imagination Station 2013
Movie Magic 2012
Make it: Costumes 2012
Gallery Play (2012): True Colours
London Orchard Festival 2012
Family Art Fun 2014
Poetry Party 2012
Drama Characters (2014): Gene Cernan
Flight Gallery Tour 2014
A Poppy Field
Cutting Edge Technology 2014
Halloween under the sea 2012
Puppets - an otter's tale 2012
Puppets - wolf tales 2013
Meet Sir Hans Sloane (2014)
Gold, Bones and Mementos 2013
The Campsite 2012
Family Fun Days (2014) at Cartoon Art Trust
Nelson's Navy 2012
World War 2 Day 2012
Tales from the Egyptian Underworld 2012
Horrible Halloween Ewell Walk 2013
Five Leaf Vista 2012
Slow, Fast, Squiggle, Smudge
Go Draw Glow 2012
Talk and Play 2012
Digital Photography Day 2013
Fashion Photography 2013
Retro Game Design 2012
Amazing China
Medieval Animation Workshop 2015
Mammoths, reindeer and lions: Ice Age animals 2013
Spooky events
Halloween (2014) at Priory Farm
Mother Crockford & the Wicked Woodland 2012
Big Draw Week 2012
A Tudor Christmas
Jataka tales animation workshop 2013
Meet John Deman 2013
Meet James Thornhill 2014
Devilish Decorations and Monstrous Masks 2012
Meet Samuel Pepys (2012)
Taking a line for a walk 2012
Art Cart
Lantern Making 2012
Christmas decorations (archived event)
Santa's Grotto
Caricature You! 2012
Half-term fun events 2013, Museum of London Docklands
Half-term fun events 2013 - Museum of London
Pumpkin Palace 2012
Festive Fun 2012
Fizzing Firework Decorations 2012
The Legions of Rome 2012
Designs on your Money! 2012
Storytelling 'Help! Santa has called it off'
Christmas Animal Visit 2012
Jigsaw Japes 2012
Epiphany Puppets 2013
Farewell to Christmas 2013
Chinese Lanterns 2013
Christmas Children's Trail 2012 - Festive Feasts
February 2013 half-term children's trail
A Star is Born!
Festive Physics Christmas 2012 Show
Drama Characters (2013) - Einstein
Snow and Tell
Drama Characters (2013) - Caroline Herschel
Join Stick Man on his adventure 2012
Free entry every Wednesday (2014)
Fantastic Figureheads 2012
Pantomime Horse Race 2012
Greeks alive! animation workshop 2015
Mixing the world: DJ workshop 2013
Spaced Out Tour
Drama Characters (2013) - Michael Faraday
Drama Characters: (2014) Yuri Gregarin
Ice Cool Adventure Storytelling 2014
Curious Collectors 2013
Animal Story puppet show
Hands on Nature 2014 - Ocean Life
Drama Characters (2013)- Dorothea Bate
Half-term trail (2013) at Winkworth
Tracks and Signs 2013
Toddler Trails at Gatton Park 2014
Wild Trail half-term fun 2013
Take a tour with Mr Horniman 2014
Museum Alive! 2013
Gingerbread Icing Workshop 2013
Arts & Crafts at The Lightbox
The Slime Show 2013
Family Fun Day (2013) at the Courtauld
Toad to the Rescue 2013
Design through the decades 2013
Georgian crafts (2013) at Surrey History Centre
Build a Boat 2013
Piece of cake 2013
Willow Bird Feeders 2013
Family Portraits 2013
Bird and Bat Box making 2013
Family Cards 2013
Colourful Collage 2013
Drop in the Ocean 2013
Portrait T-shirts 2013
Real portraits of real people 2013
Elizabeth I & Her People 2013
Terrible Trenches of WW1 2013
Ice Age horse race 2013
Ice Age in Motion 2015
Listen to your Heart 2013
Egg-stinct: (2012) Fossilised Eggs From Prehistoric Times
Curious about Mars? 2013
Edible Insects 2013
Hip Hip Hooray for Handel 2013
Easter Egg Trail at Claremont 2014
Easter Bonnet Parade 2013
Kidsrome Mobile Farm 2013
Family Open Day 2013
Egg-tastic Easter Fun 2015
Easter Treasure Hunt 2013
Open Day (2013) and Easter Egg Hunt
Bringing History Alive 2013
Easter Egg and Spoon Challenge 2013
Drop-In Art Workshop: Musical Stories 2013
Meet the Expert 2014
Family Day 2014: Cut Up
Easter holiday (2013) arts activity
Easter messing fun (2013)
Trooping the Colour 2013
Printed Patterns 2013
Faces Old and New 2013
Croquet taster sessions 2013
Reigate Priory Community Festival 2013
Surrey Cycle Festival
Sunday Open House
Explore Saturdays 2013
Fathers' Day (2013) free entry
Family Farm Day 2013
Spring half term activity week
Discovery Walk and family activities 2014
A World of Stories
May in a Day! 2013
Pony Rides 2013
Space in your Face
SM:Art Mechanics
Big Ideas on Technology 2014
Pirate Fun Day 2014
Tudor Fun Day 2014
Drake Fun Day 2014
May Day on the Docks 2013
Strawberry Fair Food Festival
Party Science 2013
Dragonflies, Butterflies and Gnomes 2013
Fabric painting 2013
May half-term 2013 Children's trail
Lightbox Art workshops 2013
Life of Victorian Poor 2013
Family Open Day 2013- Polka Theatre
Jazz Sundays 2013
Summer Holiday 50 things activities
Jubilocity at Polesdon Lacey 2013
Composition Challenge! 2013
Georgie Porgie, Pudding and Pie 2013
Family Fun afternoon 2013
Children's Festival Theatre 2014
Natures explorers 2013- Autumn Colours
Mischief in the wild woods 2013
Family Film Club 2012
Plants, Bees, Butterflies and Birds 2013
Drawing games 2013
Crazy Painting 2013
Bubble Fun 2013
Secret Garden in a Jar
Making a moving car 2013
Bookmarks and Origami 2013
Felt creatures 2013
Woodland Trail 2013
Friday fun days 2013
Re-enactors 2013
World of Treasure 2013
Holiday fun 2014 at Geffrye Museum - Wk 1
Holiday fun 2014 at Geffrye Museum - Wk 2
Holiday fun (2014) at Geffrye Museum - Wk 3
Summer project : Peter Liversidge
Urban Ecology 2013: Bird Stroll
Family Day (2013) : The Spirit of Utopia
Craft activities at Gatton Park 2013
Geocaching at Gatton Park 2013
Events (2013) for teenagers at NHM
Horrible Histories at the IWM 2013
Miss Horniman's favourite things (archived event)
Papers Please! (2013)
Ice project 2013
Summer holiday fun for families
Victorian Wardrobe 2013
Artist Apprentice - Pigment to colour
Ruffs and Cuffs 2013
Inky Fingers 2013
Goat Grazing fun day 2013
Olympic half term 2013 fun
Make a Secret Code 2014
Family Sundays 2014
Halloween Trail 2014: Cautionary Tales for Children
Easter Egg-tivities 2014
Toad Triumphant 2014
Discovery Day at Alice Holt Forest 2014
Victorian 2014
Digital Dress up 2015
Card game workshop 2014
Neolithic digital workshop 2014
Saturday morning kids show
Depot Open Weekend 2014
Queen for a Day 2014
Museum Explored 2014
Free entry for Mother's Day 2015
Sport Relief 2014
Mother's Day at Foundling Museum 2014
Inside Out 2014
Storytelling Sundays
Mini Curators 2014
Weather folklore and fun 2014
Eggenomics 2014
Gladiators 2014
Tudor Tyranny 2014
Easter Egg Trail at Box Hill 2015
Vikings - raiders, traders and sailors 2014
Family art and craft activities (2015)
Shoe Baby
Family Activity Day 2014
Easter Holiday (2014) Childrens Craft Activities
Golden Hinde birthday party 2014
Easter fair at the Horniman 2014
Easter activities (2014) Museum of London Docklands
Museum of London Summer activities 2014
Easter activities in Priory Park 2014
Easter holiday activities (2014) at Brooklands
Open Door at the Bank of England 2014
Board game workshop 2014
Marvellous Mummies 2014
Windmill open day 2014
Shadow Puppet workshop
Making Money 2014
Talk like an Egyptian 2014
Exploring Egyptian Mummies 2015
The Big Dinosaur Show 2014
August Fun Day Fridays
Nature Explorers (2014) - Minibeast Safari
A World of Summer Stories
Nature Explorers (2014) - pond dipping
Summer holiday family fun
Family First Sundays (2014)
Dip into Darwin 2014
Teddy Bears picnic 2014
Canal activity days 2014
Summer holiday activities
Half-Term Activities 2014 Peacocks and Dragons
Spooky Shadows
Museum of London Docklands Summer activities 2014
Maritime holiday activities 2014
Ticketed Art Workshops 2014
Hands on Nature 2014 - Mammoths
Great Lives from Ancient Africa: Mystery Hunt 2014
Ghoulish activities at Ragged School 2014
Royal Air Force half-term 2014 activities
Tactile Rug - storytelling 2014
Picture the Past - Half Term Activities (2014)
Family Workshops (2014) Foundling Museum
Discover Fairies 2015
Chinese New Year activities 2015
Holiday activities at the National Gallery 2015
Half term 2015 at National Maritime Museum
2012 Caroline Lawrence: Scribes of Alexandria
Half term activities 2015 - Spitfire kids
Hidden wildlife 2015
EGGstraordinary Fun 2015


Alice Holt Forest
Bank of England Museum
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Bourne Hall Museum
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British Museum
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Camley Street Natural Park
Canary Wharf
Cartoon Art Trust
Cecil Sharp House
Charles Dickens Museum
Churchills War rooms
Claremont Landscape Garden
Coram's Fields
Courtauld Gallery
Covent Garden
Crockford Bridge Farm
Cuming Museum
Cutty Sark
Deen City Farm
English Folk Dance and Song Society
Faraday Museum
Gatton Park
Geffrye Museum
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Golden Hinde
Greenwich Park
Handel House Museum
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Horniman Museum
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Priory Park
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Sir John Soane's Museum
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Surrey Wildlife Trust Bookham Common
Surrey Wildlife Trust Newlands Corner
Tate Britain, Millbank
Tate Modern, Southbank
The Albany
The Children's Trust
The Foundling Museum
The Lightbox
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Tilgate Park and Nature Centre
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Trinity Laban
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Watts Gallery
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Whitechapel Gallery
Windsor Castle
Winkworth Arboretum
Wisley Common, Ockham and Chatley Heath
Woburn Abbey Gardens