Ice Skating in London and Surrey
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Following several requests to cover information on ice rink deals – this newsletter focuses on what’s available in Surrey and London. Ice skating doesn't really fit in my remit of 'free or nearly free', but hey, let's make an exception for Christmas!
All the prices below are based on the cost for a family, which can be 2 adults and 2 children or 1 adult and 3 children which includes the cost of skate hire. Note, many of the ice rinks charge an adult price for children over 12 years of age.  Peak time prices usually start after 4pm, and several seem to charge a booking fee of up to £2.
For other days out ideas - there are two listings on the Fab Family Days site at the moment - one with all the Christmassy events, and the other which lists fun December days out.  I'll be adding more events over the next week - so keep checking for the latest information - or sign-up to my Twitter feed for more regular updates.
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Guildford Spectrum £26.50
At the top of the list for value is Guildford Spectrum which doesn't have the glamour of some of the temporary outdoor installations, but certainly will offer you a large rink with plenty of availability.
Penguins stability aids for children are available for hire at an extra charge.
Alexandra Palace £27
Ice scooters are available for children at the cost of £5 per session.  The rink is open Monday to Friday 11 - 1.30pm and 2 - 5.30pm.  On Saturday's and Sunday's the session times are 10.30am to 12.30, and 2 - 4.30pm.  Evening sessions are also available.  Private skating lessons can be arranged depending on the availability of instructors.
Natural History Museum £31
Open 10am to 10pm.  The non-peak 50 minute sessions are available earlier in the day.  Penguin aids are available for children, and its possible to book in advance a session with an ice marshall for £30 per child, £32 per adult - these costs include the price of the ice skating session.
Canary Wharf £32
Open 9.45 to 11pm weekdays, and until 7.30pm at weekends for 1 hour sessions.  Penguin aids are available, and you can book skating lessons.  30 minute lessons are £20 for 1 person, or £10 per person for groups in addition to the session costs.
Eyeskate £32.50
In the shadow of the London Eye, skating sessions here last only 45 minutes. However, there are regular offers - so check this out online - also - Merlin pass holders get a discount.
Adult prices start at 16 years of age. Stabilising seals are available for children.  The rink is open until 6th January.
Westfield £30
The off-peak prices are not available at weekends, Peak family tickets are £34 per family.  An outdoor rink is available at both the Stratford and Shepherd's Bush Westfield until 6th January.  Sessions last 45 minutes, and prices for children are applied until 16 years of age.
Tower of London £34
Open until 6th January for 1 hour skate sessions.  It is possible to book an Ice guide for £32 who will stay with your group for the whole session.  Child prices are applied up to 16 years of age.
Hampton Court Palace £34
Same offer as Tower of London and open until 6th January for 1 hour skate sessions.  It is possible to book an Ice guide for £32 who will stay with your group for the whole session.  Child prices are applied up to 16 years of age.
Winter Wonderland £34
This ice rink in Hyde Park is open until 6th January for 1 hour skate sessions.  Adult prices start at 13 years of age.  Ice Guides can be booked for an additional £32, who will stay with your group for your session.
Broadgate £40
Although this rink is expensive, the sessions last 2 hours, which improves the value.  Also their adult age starts at 16 years old.  The rink is located in the heart of the City of London - Broadgate Circus, and is open until 24th February.  Lessons can be pre-booked for an additional £13 for a 15 minute lesson.  Looking at the photos, this is quite a small rink, so worth checking the photos before you book.
Reigate Priory Park £36
This is the only skating rink on the list that is not made of real ice - but promoted as having a high quality acrylic surface.  Skate sessions last 1 hour and adult prices start from 16 years of age.
The off-peak prices are only valid Monday - Friday 10am to 3pm in term time, so to make a fair comparison the peak price is quoted here.
Somerset House £40
Beautiful location, but the most expensive on the list.  Penguin aids for children up to 8 years old are only available on the weekend of 8th/9th December for an additional £7.50.

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